Autumn - back to the roots

After a fun MovNat session in the forest or a swim in the lake, over and over, the feeling has hit me that I don’t want to go home. I just stay there in the woods, lie on a fallen tree or watch the tree tops sway in the winds.

When I don’t know what to do next I get bored and find my way back to society.

However the feeling has grown stronger.

This autumn has been about finding the way back to the nature, to the roots of mankind. I’ve learned to make fire and that double layers of wool socks is fundamental.

It’s a joy to spend many hours in the woods and a beautiful feeling to spend the night. Something very basic have turned into something exotic.

130928 Day 127

131020 Day 149

131110 Day 170

131117 Day 176

131122 Day 181

131124 Day 183

131207 Day 196
Starring into the fire I can do for hours

131208 Day 197
And so the winter came when we had our first sleep over in the wild. -9 degrees Celcius.