Bird #100 Eurasian reed warbler - rörsångare

In two month I have seen 104 birds. I never thought it would happen so fast. Bird number 100 was the Eurasian reed warbler (rörsångare). To celebrate the number I make this blog post!

I saw the bird in Halmstad (hamnutfyllnaden) singing with power from the reed. I find it hard to distinguish some of the warblers but had my identification of the bird confirmed of an ornithologist from the area. We had a nice chat about the area and the great bittern (rördrom) that is breeding there. It is very difficult to see the bird - but he had seen it flying.

Unfortunately a Swedish company wants to build a warehouse where the birds live. It's sad. If you want to see or listen to the bird visit Dagens fågel to see where it has been found lately.

It's a discreet bird the Eurasian reed warbler